The cyclone killed 24 people in the state, and caused ₹22,573 crore (US$3.35 billion) in damage. It will gradually enter Mumbai & Thane districts of Maharashtra in next 3 hours: reports PTI citing IMD 01:40 PM Vardah crossed the eastern coast of India close to Chennai in the afternoon hours of December 12, 2016. WRF simulated results of wind speed during the Thane cyclone. The Track of the cyclone THANE has drawn using the Gmsoft of FY-2D to study the movement of the cyclone and has shown in Fig-8 .The T-number , maximum wind speed and the pressure observed were recorded in Table-1 and plotted (Fig-9,10,11) to study the intensity and behavior of cyclone THANE. – The New Year began tragically for the 18,000 people in Cuddalore district and Pondicherry of India, as they remained sheltered in government buildings and schools after cyclone Thane hit the shore with a forceful speed of 77 mph (125 kph) in the pre dawn hours of January 1st. Maharashtra, Gujarat brace for ‘severe cyclone’ tomorrow Nisarga's impact is likely to be felt most strongly in Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigad districts, with wind speed up to 105-115 km per hour gusting to 125 km per hour around the point of landfall, according to … Cyclone Nisarga made landfall near Alibaug, about 100 km from Mumbai, triggering heavy rainfall and winds with speed up to 110 kilometre per hour, gusting up … Fig. SILVER SPRING, Md. It will pass over this region as a severe cyclone, but there is a marginal reduction in wind speed expected. Cyclone Thane is classified a super-cyclone, one notch above the intensity of Cyclone Thane. The cyclone did not have much impact on Andhra Pradesh coastline. IMD Mumbai on Monday issued a red alert (rainfall of more than 204.5mm) for Mumbai, Thane, and Raigad for June 3 (Wednesday). SCI., VOL. INDIAN J. MAR. Dec 29, 2011 17:04 (IST) Cyclone Nisha was the last cyclonic storm to hit Tamil Nadu on November 26, 2008. 4—Comparison of simulated wind speed and direction and air temperature with sounding data at 77.58º E and 12.96 ºN. Mumbai is likely to experience high speed winds as the cyclone makes landfall south of the city,” she said. 'Thane' cyclone hits my town (Nellikuppam, Cuddalore district, T.N, India) speed of more than 100km/hrs on 30th December 2011. Cyclone Nisarga wind speed is currently 100-110 kmph. 43, NO. 4:20 pm: Wind forecast says that wind speed will be between 90 to 100 km per hour gusting up to 110 km per hours in Raigad, Mumbai and Thane. India: Cyclone Thane Strikes, ADRA Responds. Winds were estimated at 65 mph (105 km/h) during landfall. NEW DELHI: Cyclone 'Nisarga' will make landfall along the Maharashtra coast on Wednesday with high wind speed ranging up to 100-110 kmph gusting to … Fig-8 : Track of Cyclone THANE shown in At least 33 people were killed as cyclone Thane, with a wind speed of 140 kmph, hit the Tamil Nadu coast near Cuddalore on Friday morning, leaving a trail of death and destruction in the state and Puducherry, officials said.