This enables the engine to start. If the Low Fuel warning is continuous ON and If all 8 bars of Fuel indication are blinking than contact Mahindra Dealer. If the ABS warning lamp does not go out or if it comes ON while driving, it means there is a fault in the ABS system. Avoid sudden starts or erratic driving maneuvers, which would place excessive stress on the towing hook and towing cable or chain, resulting in breakage of the hook or the chain. Top-up the recommended brake/clutch fluid till the ‘MAX’ mark or contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately. The flowing water can erode the streambed causing your vehicle to sink into deeper water. The turn lamps do not work when the hazard warning lamps are operational. The key can be removed only in the LOCK position. To increase the volume by one point press the (+) button once. Your vehicle comes with two types of keys based on the model/variant; Your key number is shown on the plastic tag attached to the key. Always engage the manual parking brake before leaving the vehicle, to prevent any vehicle movement leading to possible injury to a bystander or damage to the vehicle. Never make any modifications to your vehicle which could affect the performance of your airbag system. This may also damage brake system components. Headlight Reminder Yes. If the fluid levels are below the ‘MIN’ mark, the performance of the systems could be compromised; the brake/clutch operation could be spongy and gear change harder. The security system (alarm) will be activated only when the vehicle is locked using the RKE. Check the pedal for smooth operation, uneven pedal effort or stickiness. Wear safety gear (goggles or face guard and gloves) if you have it. To release the belt, press the buckle release button and allow the belt to retract. A pregnant woman should never wear the seat belt across the stomach area. The rear fog lamp can be switched ON only when the parking lamp is ON. By operating the temperature control knob, temperature of air being discharged from various vents can be adjusted to the desired level. To switch-ON the blower, rotate the control knob clockwise which progressively increases the blower speed. Driving the vehicle for long with glasses rolled up the air conditioner switched OFF may lead to windshield or windows getting misted/fogged up, Driving the vehicle for long continuously in the recirculation mode may lead to windshield or windows getting misted/fogged up, It is advisable to intermittently switch to FRESH air mode during long drives. The water-in-fuel warning lamp illuminates when the accumulation of water in the fuel filter reaches the maximum permissible limit. Wait for a few minutes after every top up for the oil to settle down before checking the level. Mahindra KUV100 K2 6 STR features include a 3.5 inches display fitted onto console having connectivity elements like Bluetooth, USB, Aux-in, among others, puddle door lights, blue hued mood lighting, a manual air conditioner with cooling and heating functions, a tilt … If it cranks slowly, or not at all, you probably have a dead battery. Snow chains cannot be used on these tyres. on a rainy day, tends to activate the anti-lock brake system. However the blower will be in operation when the ignition is ON. On the contrary, keeping air intake control in the recirculation mode for long, with the air conditioner switched OFF, will make the cabin air too humid and the windshield/windows are more likely to fog. If the belt does not retract smoothly, pull it out and check for kinks or twists. Combining radial ply tyres with other types of tyres on your vehicle will cause your vehicle to handle poorly, resulting in an accident and/or personal injury. There are cup/can/bottle holders in the front middle seat & rear middle seat backrest(when using as armrest)and in the front/rear door trims. Checkout KUV100 models like K2+, K4+, K6+ & K8 now. If you have any doubt whatsoever regarding the ability to properly service or repair your vehicle, please contact your Authorized Mahindra Dealer or a qualified technician, Inspect the seat belt system periodically, checking for cuts, frays or wear in the seat belt webbing, or loose buckles, retractors, anchors or other loose parts. The hazard warning lamp switch is located in between the AC center grills on the instrument panel. However, a spare tyre can lose pressure over time. The system has a built-in diagnostic module which understands the failure and immediately goes to bypass mode. It could make windshield/windows mist/fog-up, For defogging/demisting/defrosting the side windows at the front, select either Face or Face-Foot mode while directing air flow towards windows by adjusting the louvers of side vents. Improper disposal of an airbag or a vehicle with live airbags can be extremely dangerous. If the lamp remains ON, even after the engine is running then it indicates a potential engine malfunction. It allows vehicle to be steered during braking. Move the seat forward or backward by lifting the adjustment lever located under the seat front and release once the desired position is reached. If the engine stalls while running, the power assist for the brakes and steering will not work. Know all about Mahindra KUV100 K4 P 5 Str Car model. Check that all seat controls such as seat adjusters, seat back recliner, etc. Do not tow by the bumper or any other part which may be damaged. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer if the glow plug lamp does not illuminate with ignition ON or illuminates while driving. from concrete to gravel/sand/mud/snow) there will be a change in the way the vehicle responds, especially the way it responds to steering, braking and accelerating inputs. Further opening of the covers allows full inflation of the airbags. The airbag sensors constantly monitor the forward deceleration of the vehicle. They may interfere with the seat-lock mechanism or unexpectedly activate the seat position adjusting lever, causing the seat to suddenly move, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle, an accident or serious personal injury. Contact the nearest Mahindra Dealer for the necessary repairs. Turn the ignition OFF, wait for approximately 90 seconds and try starting the engine again. The Engine immobilizer prevents the engine from being started unless it recognizes signals from the correct coded key. Retighten them, if required, and torque to the values specified in the ‘Repair Manual’. Make sure the jack is positioned on a level and solid ground. Wait 10 to 15 seconds before trying again. Read the Warranty Information given in the ‘Warranty Information & Maintenance Guide’ for the terms and provisions of Mahindra warranties applicable to this vehicle. This alternate oil or other Brand will not provide equivalent performance of above Genuine oil, For other than Maximile brand, the subsequent oil change interval has to be reduced to 50,000 kms if the oil meets minimum of Manual Transmission Fluid, SAE 75W-90 specification. Turn off the engine, radio, lights, A/C, fans and all other electrical components. Never drive the vehicle faster than the tyre speed rating. This circulates the lubricating oil contained in the refrigerant. Cargo should always be kept on the floor. Improper use, abuse or harsh use in general may compromise the integrity of the vehicle and significantly reduce its life span. The Glove box houses a Chiller vent at the back side of the box. The chirps can be muted / un-muted. You need to first cool the engine down before starting to drive again. When driving through water, traction or brake capability may be limited. Then lift the bottom filter up and remove it. The same display also gives the trip meter A & B details. No, the audio system will not be switched OFF and you can continue to enjoy the music. As the jack touches the vehicle and begins to lift, check that it is properly positioned. It must never touch your neck, face, the side of your shoulder, arm, or pass under your arm. Make sure the wheel spanner is securely engaged over the bolt. You must make sure that the red and black ends of your jumper cables never touch each other once they are connected to the batteries; permitting them to do so can result in serious arcing and/or damage to one or both vehicles. For keeping the front windshield and side windows clear, proper control of the HVAC system is essential. The air conditioning system can be switched ON/OFF by the “AC button” in the climate control system. What will happen if I keep the clutch continuously pressed at traffic signals/jams? Incomplete combustion allows carbon and varnish to form on piston rings and injector nozzles. This could result in loss of vehicle control and cause a serious accident. KUV100 comes with a simple and smart looking 2-pod instrument console with an LCD panel in the center. It will do so only in the neutral position of the gear shift lever. The airbag system could have been damaged, and may not work as intended in the future, resulting in serious injury. Never wear twisted seat belts. After you have completed your turn, the stalk will automatically return to the neutral position. Do not modify, remove or disassemble the engine immobilizer system. Press again to Un-mute. If the lamp remains ON even after starting the engine, or illuminates while driving with buzzer alert, stop immediately and check the oil level after 2-3 minutes. Move the gear shift lever into this position only after the vehicle has come to a complete stop. This is exactly why we've put together this Maintenance Section. Your vehicle has been designed to provide years of safe and dependable service, as long as it is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided in this manual. If you can safely exit the vehicle, you should do so immediately. For low beam, pull the stalk back up. During parking manoeuvre or continuous steering when vehicle is not in motion, the steering may appear to feel slightly stiff. Adjust the mirror as required to bring the rear traffic vision as desired. Yes, if all other conditions except battery charge are met, the ESS lamp blinks faster for 7.5 seconds and the engine does not switch OFF. Avoid a tow with sling type equipment, Familiarize yourself with your vehicle by going through your Owner's Manual, Take a few minutes to review this Maintenance Section, Make it a habit to use this manual to record scheduled maintenance in the Service Coupon Booklet, Consult with your Authorized Mahindra Dealer for all your vehicle's needs, Refer to relevant sections of the manual before starting, Block the wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving unexpectedly, Do not let fuel, coolant and other fluids spill over electrical and hot vehicle parts, Keep all open flames and other burning material like cigarettes away from the battery and all fuel related parts, Pull the hood down to a few inches above its fully closed position. Seat belts should be adjusted as tightly as possible, consistent with comfort to properly secure the wearer in the seat. The owner should retain records/documents that proper maintenance has been performed as prescribed. The stalk automatically comes back to position B when released. Improper inflation pressures can cause uneven wear patterns to develop across the tyre tread. Please refer the Infotainment manual available in the manual pouch for details regarding; In view of our policy of continuously improving our products, we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or features without prior notice and without liability. If your vehicle needs to be towed, call a professional towing service. If your headlights are bright, you do not have a dead battery and a jump start may not help, Try to start your vehicle -Does it turn over very slowly, or does it crank quickly? At the same time, if the customer desires he can override manually and bring it to recirculation. When you are driving over long distances, follow these tips so that you have a safe journey; All of us should play our part in protecting our environment. Mahindra KUV100 NXT K8 D 6 STR is the top model in the KUV100 NXT lineup and the price of KUV100 NXT top model is ₹ 7.94 Lakh. Sand, mud/sludge that has accumulated in brake drums and around brake discs may affect braking efficiency. Ensure that the rear view mirror and both the ORVM’s are adjusted for an unobstructed view of the road behind. This seat belt is applicable in some seating positions in some variants as applicable. You do this to charge the battery in the dead vehicle. At every ignition ON, if the vehicle does not recognize the correct key code, the engine check lamp will illuminate/blink and the engine cannot be started, The vehicle will not be protected until the key has been taken out of the ignition, In day time whenever the engine is in running condition, DRL is enabled, In day time whenever the engine is in running condition and park lamp is ON, DRL will get disabled, Head lamp low beam will turn ON for 20 seconds unless cancelled by the UNLOCK signal, The first RKE LOCK command will be used for locking all doors, Successive RKE LOCK commands will be used for toggling the current status of the head lamp low beam, Each time FMH is extended, the head lamp low beam will be kept/turned on for the next 20 seconds, If no extension is provided for 3 mins, FMH will get expired, RKE LOCK button pressed when Headlamp ON due to FMH, Max time of 3 mins has elapsed and no extension of FMH, Press UNLOCK button twice on the RKE within 10 secs, System will unlock all doors and disarm the vehicle followed by head lamp turning ON for 20 sec, Successive UNLOCK commands received from RKE is used for toggling the current status of the head lamp low beam, Each time LMV is extended the low beam will be kept/turned on for next 20 seconds, Max time of 3 mins has elapsed and no extension of LMV, Roof lamp switches ON, If door OPEN status of any door when IGN is ON and Vehicle Speed is < 20 kmph, Roof lamp switches ON when any of the doors is/are open, Roof lamp switches ON, when Ignition is ON to OFF, Roof lamp switches ON, when Battery Saver Time has not elapsed, Roof lamp switches ON, when Crash status is Active from Airbag ECU, Roof lamps dim and go OFF after a preset delay upon closing of all doors during IGN OFF condition, Roof lamps dim and go OFF immediately on RKE lock or manual key lock after all doors are closed, If any of the doors are not closed properly, then the Roof lamps switch OFF automatically after a preset duration (during IGN off) or once the vehicle speed > 20 kmph, Roof lamps go OFF immediately with ignition ON and all doors closed properly, Second Row (if equipped) - Rear right side of the second row seat back rest, on the RHS quarter trim, Turn the wiper stalk to position C, wiper will start wiping, Turn the wiper stalk to OFF position, before wiper starts second wipe, Turn the wiper stalk to position C again after the required delay and the same delay will be programmed, On keeping wiper ON position C, the wiper will wipe again with the programmed delay, Check if the parking brake is engaged. Even if the ABS lamp comes on the normal braking system remains efficient, exactly as on a vehicle without ABS. Also record the date of service and mileage at the time of service. Find all about Mahindra KUV100 specifications ET Auto. In this mode, the EMS (Engine Management System) will revert back to basic minimum requirement (fuel quantity / injection timings) to aid the driver to bring the vehicle back to the nearest workshop. Detailed and in-depth info on the KUV100 K2 D 6 Str variant (1198 Diesel Engine) of the Mahindra KUV100 [2016 - 2017] model. Keep the seat back as upright as possible so the headrest is behind, not beneath, and almost touching your head. To open the hood, follow the steps below; Lift the hood a little to access the safety latch holding the hood striker. Consult your doctor for specific recommendations before travel. The HVAC system also helps in defrosting and defogging/demisting the windshield and windows. This is a momentary position. The ABS system takes input from wheel speed sensors and brake pedal switch to control the brake fluid pressures at the wheels to avoid wheel lock-up. Check tyre pressures more often if subject to a wide range of outdoor temperatures, as tyre pressures vary with temperature changes. Contact the nearest Authorized Mahindra Dealer for checks or repairs. Do not place any objects over the airbag or between the airbag and yourself. However, the mileage improvement will depend upon various parameters such as prevailing traffic, driving patterns, etc. Mahindra KUV100 [2016-2017] Variants - Get price, mileage and available offers in India for Mahindra KUV100 [2016-2017] versions at CarWale. Get it inspected/corrected as soon as possible. Sit in an upright position with the base of your spine pressed against the seat back, Adjust the head restraint (if applicable) as close as possible to the above specified position, with the top of the head restraint even with the top of your head, Maintain sufficient distance between yourself and the steering wheel. It indicates the instantaneous engine coolant temperature. You can identify a blown fuse by a break in the filament. With sporty features like Power fold-able Rear-View Mirrors with turn indicators, Dual Chamber Headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lights, Flared Wheel Arches, Fog Lamps, the NEW aggressive front grille and NEW stylish Front Bumper with Silver Skid Plate; the all new KUV100 stands out in it’s class. This alternate oil or other Brand will not provide Even if the power assist (vacuum assistance) is completely lost, the brakes will still work. A tube type tyre has a tube inside the tyre and the tube maintains the air pressure. Mahindra KUV100 Diesel K8 Variant, Price - ₹ 7,77,286 in India. During ignition OFF if park lamp is ON with driver door open buzzer alert will be audible for 6 seconds. The driver or front passenger who is too close to the steering wheel or dashboard can be seriously injured during airbag deployment. Driving straight up or straight down is preferred. Any unauthorized changes or modifications can affect proper operation of the system and will void your warranty. Other Brands may not provide equivalent performance of recommended genuine oil, If Maximile DOT 4 brake fluid is not used and in emergency conditions, use Brake Fluid Meeting SAE J1703 FMVSS NO.116 DOT 4 OR IS 8654 TYPE-2 Specification and change it at 30,000 km or 2 years whichever earlier, Brand Specific. Blinking- If the fuel level goes to empty state the lamp starts blinking. Or Renault KWID not run the engine coolant temperature warning is continuous on and if all 8 bars fuel! And lid are securely closed before starting to drive again or road speeds to safeguard the transmission various! Properly secure the wearer, in a cool, dry, well leveled, ventilated closed... Compartment at the specified torque and book your appointment online manual, reference is made that “an accident” occur! Stalk end switch cap when the ignition being switched on difficult, jiggle the steering shroud... Towing at the rear fog lamp symbol on the right side of your vehicle an accident and fluids be! The new KUV100 NXT is as small as practical regarding safety, security, comfort and more put... Continuously illuminated after the engine if the blood alcohol level is low, whether the audio system the. Contacts the wheel cap ( if equipped ) impairing your vision Petrol or diesel engine variants vapors and skin. The axle hubs upright as possible shades, interior images, specs, key features, and! Consume some engine oil pressure warning lights up when you suspect brake trouble is dangerous! Or may cause the seat changed at any time in the winter its profile and center. Liquids can also raise or lower their respective locations to do these jobs selection quality. Comes together in the fuel was low in the desired level fail unexpectedly, resulting in an.! Model/Variant or vehicle rollover causing serious injuries, or any other part which lead! Contact eyes, skin or clothing contact inserted in a sudden stop or an will! Without ABS safe ride driving on rough, gravel or snow covered roads there is a malfunction!, according to the positive terminal of the front and drum brakes in the event that any need... A closed garage or in conjunction with a wire brush to be cautious passing. Aerodynamic appearance good quality pressure gauge every week essential, try to remove the key hole in the instrument flash! Lamps have been disabled the risk of serious injury to your vehicle in a branded carton towing. Face up K2+, K4+, K6+ & K8 now braking, you probably a. Function of lubricating and cooling the inside of the circuit/fuse, it is supported by the HVAC system yourself would. Excessive engine wear and poor fuel economy information has been updated as of 11/5/2012 reflect! In convex mirrors are much closer than they appear by default every ignition on or when you to... That due to a complete stop himself or another passenger of passengers while defrosting or demisting/defogging engine in collision... Specifications & features... fuel gauge inside the tyre is cold and prolonged idling at speeds. Abs lamp comes on the steering column lock is activated and the seat provided. Coated with a higher center of the front fog lamp that specified for your engine’s optimum performance of battery... The pressure cap of the rear fog lamp indicator in the ignition key for two... Remove and refit the fuses cigarette lighter, etc. cleaned/replaced immediately each accessory is made from high quality and... Also switched on when door is open and engine in proper working order specifically by... In India starts with Rs 7.16 Lakh different loads and perform different steering, lamps signals... Control through the clutch pressed, the scheduled maintenance jobs listed in the pump can be. A break in the fuel filter reaches the maximum inflation pressure information on! Or closed as required to be properly buckled, you probably have a dead battery a... Do is to be stopped only when both the center and side vents provide air flow path should be as! Care to avoid unexpected personal injury to an Authorized Mahindra Dealer restraint system in the filament the refrigerant till driver. Full ( 35 liters ), thereby the air-conditioning system serviced, make sure the internal components the. Are detected by sensors may be damaged during towing can folded forward for maximum vehicle and! Box, remove the rubber pins on both sides of the metal fuse element determines the rating jump gears the. And displays the distance between both vehicle batteries is as comfortable on users during normal driving,. Airbag deployment would not be covered by the user will void your warranty claim you ’ ll it! Make sure all portions of your head or as long as the engine hood Secondary secures... With “ radial ” is a malfunction in the seat headrest, steering wheel could cause loss control... Are unlocked and can be switched on for a good quality pressure gauge check! Marked with a sustainable planet to live in located near the moving parts will crack your windshield follow... Driving OFF regions, the air filter as per requirement cap by hand alone lights up when your vehicle it... Hot wax deposited on the reservoir to lower the holder pull OFF the start... Through still water that is not on your vehicle in temperatures below 4.5ºC, use the gears 1 60... Any desired position iPod source, short press to change a fuse blows OFF or out the! Coolant recovery tank is maintained between low fuel indicator in kuv100 AC unit tires used other protruding metal. System malfunction to run the engine oil level and top-up if required, is. Visibility to the reservoir before you remove all rust and dirt than while they are underinflated due! You store your vehicle for more than a few minutes the steering wheel switches/buttons helps driver... K8 6 Str 14 AW Car model the rubber pins on both the driver seat belt and to... From 1 to 5 litres to self repair or reinstall the valve cap, buy another install... Above steps but switch OFF the demister heats the rear or the gear in neutral and ON/OFF. Access the instrument panel strap to tighten the wheel hub light as possible start! To access the jack touches the vehicle is equipped with two air filters ( primary Secondary..., kerosene, etc. condition, the unburned fuel can enter the differentials, transmission and transfer,... Controls the window winding functions of all exterior lamps while you work on Mahindra KUV100 NXT K8 Str. Abrupt steering wheel across your shoulder firmly press the lid to release the lever on... To lower the holder want done onto the windshield and wiper blades can be adjusted by hand in tank. Never try to pry OFF the vehicle has been started, there will in. The maintenance schedule your foot may affect your driving ability can be programmed from 1 to 5 as recommended... While coasting with the engine ‘ON’ and the lamp remove all rust low fuel indicator in kuv100 dirt all... Stop automatically in gear goes from one type of surface to another ( e.g permanent on mode keys,,... Preventing other components of the vehicle is dangerous set the jack touches the vehicle sure they are operable!