PAT Test Labels / Electrical Safety stickers

Pr Products can offer various sizes and finishes for all safety type labels.

Where a label requires written details to be added, then we offer two types of finishes, i.e. if labels are required for internal use only, then we can supply these using a durable synthetic material which has a high tack adhesive but no over protective film. However, where the label is required for harsher environments, for indoor or outdoor use, then we can supply a label using the same durable synthetic material and high tack adhesive, but with an over laminating (Hinged) film which enables details to be hand written onto the label, the film is then applied to the whole label quickly and easily, to fully protect the label and its details (please see our section on Write and Seal Labels).

We can add barcodes, consecutive numbers and also print the label in full colour if required. All standard warning symbol labels come with the over laminated finish.