Cable Ident Labels

The perfect solution for cable identification.

We can produce various styles depending on your requirements, using a clear material, we print a solid white or coloured area at one end of the label which enables you to hand write a number or description, or overprint on a thermal printer, this is then wrapped around the cable so that the clear area wraps around itself which protects the printed area, but also enables you to read the written details.

We can also produce a different style and pre-print your company name with various other details which can also enable additional details to be added using a biro, ideal when you are on site, a clear film which is part of the label, has an easy peel backing paper which is easily removed, so that the clear film that is showing can now be overlaid onto the printed area, which is then fully protected and attached to the cable.

Both of the above and other styles are fully waterproof so can be used for internal and external use.